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feel closer

This vacation, feel closer to your partner

If you feel like your relationship lacks the proper communication that is healthy for a couple to share, then taking ...

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falling too hard

Stop yourself from falling too hard and too fast in a relationship

If you are one of those that are quick to fall hard in relationships, and scare your partner away by ...

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Small relationship issues

Small relationship issues you shouldn’t be fussy about

Relationships are wonderful when we’re with a correct partner and its heading the way we wanted. But as it’s said ...

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post break-up closure

Seeking post break-up closure might not be the best idea

A break up does not just end the relationship, it also puts a pause on your otherwise usual life and ...

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recover from being cheated

Three ways to recover from being cheated or manipulated

Relationships are based on trust, but what if that important foundation of love is shaken? We all have faced the ...

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Shy woman and man sitting on sofa. First date.

Keep these things in mind if you love a person with anxiety

Anxiety is not easy to handle especially when you have people undergoing this state of mind in front of you. ...

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my man

Seven signs you’re with the man you should marry

You love the man you are dating and he loves you too, but marriage is a lifetime commitment. If you’re ...

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failed relationship

Could a failed relationship lead you to a right partner?

Ever experienced a failed relationship? Well, we all have been through this situation. But the challenge is to learn from ...

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good partner

Why people who don’t chase love end up with a good partner?

There are people who search for love through dating but get no response and ultimately turn into obsessive lovers. While ...

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Girl in pajamas writing on forums

These six apps will help you survive long distance relationship

Having trouble staying connected in a long distance relationship? Well, maintaining a long distance relationship is challenging and tough because ...

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Important life lessons

Important life lessons by married couples to unmarried ones

Before your wedding, you are loaded with lessons for a successful and happy marriage by the family and friends. They ...

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men behave differently

Why men behave differently when around women

Certain men behave in a very different manner on seeing a young attractive woman. He seems casual with guys, but ...

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